Most sonorous output

Jetro Lauha

   Talonpojantie 5A9,
00790 Helsinki


Judges' Comments

To build

Download and install the portable Simple DirectMedia Layer library:

   cc -o jetro `sdl-config --cflags --libs` jetro.c

To run


We have seen entries with SDL graphics in the past, now it's time for SDL sound. This entry can even be run on a computer without a sound card with an appropriate setting of an environment variable - for that you'll have to dig into the SDL documentation.

Can you figure out how the notes are encoded and program a different melody?

Selected Author's Comments

To compile the entry you need SDL library, which is used only for audio output. To run the entry make sure you have audio output available. The entry plays 22KHz 16 bit mono music with a small softsynth. When the music plays, you can stop the application by pressing enter, as the code will just wait with one call to getchar() before it quits.