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Anthony Howe


  42 av. Isola Bella
06400 Cannes, France


Judges' comments

To build

  cc -O2 -o mynx mynx.c
If this does not work for you, use the enclosed configure script.



Author's comments

I was rather impressed by last year's mini web server. So much so that it inspired me to try my hand at writing the client side complement.

A typical build would be command would be:

  $ gcc -omynx mynx.c

While some others like to be a little different:

  $ gcc -omynx mynx.c -lnsl -lsocket 

I even managed to figure out a basic configure script, given last year's example, which is kinda of useful when you consider how many OSes put all the network functions in a variety of places. So a simpler build command sequence would be:

  $ ./configure
$ make

After which, the rest of the documentation can be read by saying:

  $ mynx manual.html


makefile pre-built generic Un*x
manual.html makefile template
entities.txt ISO 8859-1 entites configure script description
configure pre-built configure script